Full-time Faculty

Faculty Name/Rank/Email Home Unit Address/ Phone Area(s) of Specialization
Abdulah Sam, Thabit A.J
Associate Professor
History 2158 Vari Hall
ext. 30412
Islamic history
Blake, Sarah
Associate Professor
Humanities 245 Vanier
ext. 77401
Classical Latin literature; topography and material culture of the Roman world; theoretical approaches to literature and culture, with emphasis on materiality, gender, sexuality, and slavery; Roman wall painting; still life.
Burke, Tony
Associate Professor
Humanities 036 McLaughlin
ext. 22329
Religion, infancy gospels, non-canonical Jewish and Christian writings, curses, early Christianity, Jewish and Christian apocrypha, childhood in antiquity.
Buturovic, Amila
Associate Professor
Humanities 222 Vanier
ext. 77054
Religion, culture and cultural studies, ottoman Balkans, ottoman Bosnia, Islam in the Balkans, medieval Arabo-Islamic cultures, Islamic mysticism, sacred space in Islam, Islamic epigraphy, translation, multivocality.
Cauchi, Mark
Assistant Professor
Humanities Continental philosophy; critical theory; secularism and postsecularism; religion, theology, atheism; aesthetic theory and criticism; film-philosophy.
Denning, Kathryn
Associate Professor
Anthropology 2036 Vari Hall
ext. 40136
STS approaches to archaeology; discourses of the ancient, the alien, and the animal; social lives of the dead
Ehrlich, Carl
Humanities 755 YRT
ext. 77097
Religion, synchronic, diachronic, and contextual approaches to the biblical text and Israelite civilization, Hebrew bible, ancient near east, Jewish studies.
Harland, Philip
Associate Professor
Humanities Religious and social life in the Roman empire.
Hirji, Zulfikar
Associate Professor
Anthropology 2040 Vari Hall
ext. 77783
Understandings of self, community and other in Muslim societies, urban violence in religiously plural societies.
Horowitz, Sara
Humanities 758 YRT
ext. 20191
Arts and culture, comparative literature, Jewish studies, holocaust studies.
Hyun, Theresa
Humanities 228 Vanier
ext. 77101
Korea: women studies; comparative literature and culture.
Koffman, David
Assistant Professor
History Jews and Jewish history, religion and economic history; religion in American and Canadian civic and cultural life, Jews and Native Americans, intersections of religion and medicine. Jewish history.
Koopmans, Rachel
Associate Professor
History 2182 Vari Hall
ext. 30414
Mediaeval studies, Christian miracle tales, art of stained glass windows
Kulak, Avron
Associate Professor
Humanities Philosophical and religious values in European thought: Plato, the bible, Descartes Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Derrida.
Lightman, Bernie
Humanities Cultural history of science, 19th century British science and religion, gender, visual and print culture.
Little, Kenneth
Associate Professor
Anthropology 2044 Vari Hall
ext. 22327
Tourism Studies; Affect; Experimental Ethnography; World as Spectacle; Caribbean and Belize Studies.
Maidman, Maynard
History 2164 Vari Hall
ext. 30430
Iron Age Israelite history and historiography; Mesopotamian social and political history.
Nijhawan, Michael
Associate Professor
Sociology Sikh and Ahmadiyya Diasporas
Scott, Jamie
Humanities 029 McLaughlin
ext. 77342
World religions in Canada, literature and geography, religion and geography, religion and popular culture.
Taylor, Patrick
Associate Professor
Humanities Latin American and Caribbean studies, religion, postcolonial thought, Caribbean literature, religion and culture.
Timmerman, Peter Environmental Studies Religion and ecology,
Islam and ecology, sacred spaces
Tordoff, Robert
Associate Professor
Humanities 250 Vanier
ext. 70476
Ancient Greek and Latin language and literature.
Turner, Alicia
Associate Professor
Humanities 213 Vanier
ext. 66979
Buddhism, religions of Southeast Asia, religion and colonialism/empire, religion and nationalism, Burmese history, theory and method in the study of religion.
Tweyman, Stanley
Humanities Methodological and cultural foundations of religion and morality; enlightenment thought; methodological nature of scholarly exegesis.
Weiser, Keith
Associate Professor
Humanities 754 YRT
ext. 33561
Modern Jewish history, central and eastern European history, Israel studies, Yiddish and Hebrew language and culture, sociolinguistics, language policy.
Zecevic, Selma
Associate Professor
Humanities 230 Vanier ext. 77398 Ottoman legal history, Islamic law, gender and Islamic law, legal translation, Muslim-Christian legal relations in early modern Mediterranean, Islamic manuscript culture and book history.
Gewurtz, Margo Humanities History, gender issues, Sino-Western cultural relations, Canadian missionaries in China, modern China, religion and gender.
Herren, Michael
Humanities Latin language and the edition of medieval Latin texts, literary history of late classical and early medieval Latin literature, The classical tradition: medieval mythography and the study of Greek, church history and theology of the British Isles.
Lee, Becky

Associate Professor

Humanities History, gender and religion, medieval English rituals and customs related to childbirth, lay spirituality in late medieval England, the methods and theories of women’s history and gender history.
Lockshin, Martin
Humanities Religion, medieval studies, history of Jewish biblical interpretation, biblical interpretation, tradition and innovation.
Wilson, Barrie Humanities Historical and philosophical studies of early Christianities including the Jesus, Christ and Gnostic movements; the Dead
Sea Scrolls; Syriac Christianity.
Religious Studies Librarian
Scott McLaren Humanities Religion and print culture, expression of religious values and themes in literature.