Retired Faculty

Faculty Name/Rank/Email Home Unit Address/ Phone Area(s) of Specialization
Gewurtz, Margo Humanities History, gender issues, Sino-Western cultural relations, Canadian missionaries in China, modern China, religion and gender.
Herren, Michael Humanities Latin language and the edition of medieval Latin texts, literary history of late classical and early medieval Latin literature, The classical tradition: medieval mythography and the study of Greek, church history and theology of the British Isles.
Lee, Becky


Humanities History, gender and religion, medieval English rituals and customs related to childbirth, lay spirituality in late medieval England, the methods and theories of women’s history and gender history.
Lockshin, Martin Humanities Religion, medieval studies, history of Jewish biblical interpretation, biblical interpretation, tradition and innovation.
Wilson, Barrie Humanities Historical and philosophical studies of early Christianities including the Jesus, Christ and Gnostic movements; the Dead
Sea Scrolls; Syriac Christianity.